Yoga at Midtown Roots Dispensary 

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Yoga at Midtown Roots Dispensary

By: Liz Venable

Arriving at Midtown Roots for yoga, I found a large group getting ready, mats in tow. Candles, lanterns and a trippy underworld cactus painting set the mood. Tibetan Buddhist monk chants filled the air. The environment was private and intimate.

Our teacher, Jennifer Miles, was lithe and friendly. She is trained in restorative yoga, yoga nidra, qigong and is a gong master. The class was diverse, with large and small, male and female, beginner to experienced people finding their flow. Really, it was a welcoming environment. Using blocks and blankets with our yoga mats, we were able to adjust for comfort and skill level. She complimented everyone when they responded to her corrections.

The class varied from classic yoga poses, to an influence by qigong, to plank position, with energy work centered in its core. It was less athletic and more centered on the self and healing.

We began tapping the energy center, below the belly button, with the hands, moving onto the ego center or solar plexus, to the heart and shoulders. This warmed up the body and allowed lymph fluids with toxins be released. Not only this, but we were releasing toxic energy, which we later flung forward and away with our arms.

We spent a great deal of time finding our breath. Laying calmly on the floor, we focused on the origin of our breath. We breathed in different positions and for different purposes.

One of the last exercises, a meditation, was really moving. We found a memory that was concerning us, and focused on it. We located the part of the body where the sensation was. Mine happened to be in my heart, where my anxiety is centered. Breathing in and out, we felt the negative energy dissipate.

We were asked to compare the sensation in our bodies before and after class. We were told, “You have the power in your own body to self soothe… to calm your body and mind.”

We chanted “Om” and finished up. Yoga mats were rolled up, and blocks put away. But of course there was something else… cannabis. So as we left we were given goodie bags.

The goodie bag was excellent. Inside was a 1000 mg Dabaratus by Bakked (high utility concentrates), a set of Sir Newton’s candies (yum!), Stoney Yoni (which apparently helps with period pain), and coupons for Midtown Roots, the host of the event. What a deal for all that, as well as a class, for $25!

I talked to Jennifer as class was ending. She said, of the combination of cannabis and yoga, “Cannabis has been extremely efficient in managing pain and stress, which directly correlate to my disease. However, you can’t just medicate symptoms. You have to start at the root of the issue, and that is generally us. So a mind body connection is strong and wherever our attention goes, energy will flow. So we need to move energy in the body, release blockages. The combination of [cannabis and yoga] seemed very fitting. It allows patients to work through their issues, giving themselves the awareness that they can heal their own bodies.

If you are looking to relax and breathe, or find your flow, and alleviate a lot of stress, and appreciate cannabis, this is the place for you.

Yoga at Midtown Roots Dispensary



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