US Veteran Faces Prison Over 6 Pot Plants

US Veteran Faces Prison faces prison time over 6 pot plants. U.S. Marine veteran Kristoffer Lewandowski served three tours of duty as an artillery operations chief. During his tours in Afghanistan and Iraq Kristoffer was forced to strike out and eliminate enemy troops and now has to live with those memories every day. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect anyone at any time, and it had been affecting Kristoffer for some time but it really struck on June 1st, 2014.
After Kristoffer and his wife Whitney argued over marijuana that he was growing, Whitney destroyed one of the plants and Kristoffer snapped and grabbed a knife. Afraid for herself and for her children, Kristoffer’s wife went to their neighbor’s house in rural Oklahoma and called the police. The Oklahoma police found six marijuana plants in their search of Kristoffer’s home arrested him and have since also arrested him for driving without a license and for carrying less than a gram of pot on his person while on foot. Kristoffer believes he was being unfairly victimized in Oklahoma and with the judge’s permission, he and his family moved to California while awaiting trial.
On June 20th, 2015, Kristoffer was arrested in Laguna Niguel by federal marshalls after failing to appear at a pretrial hearing in Oklahoma and spent the next month in an Oklahoma jail until the judge allowed him to return to Laguna Niguel until his trial, scheduled for October 19th, 2016. Kristoffer plead guilty to the charges but felt like he was forced into it by the state.
Weed For Warriors Project, a group that provides free marijuana to veterans suffering from PTSD, is now publicizing Kristoffer’s case because they feel it is outrageous and unfair.
PTSD is a very real and very debilitating illness. Sufferers should be able to use marijuana to alleviate their symptoms. What do you think about this case? What is justified and what is not?

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