Tina Danza Strain Review from Sunflower Meds

This morning’s Wake and Bake review is on Tina Danza from Sunflower Meds in Phoenix – right off the I-10 and Elliot.

I was curious about the name of this flower – something to do with Tony Danza? I didn’t think he was a cannabis advocate. On Seedfinder, it says that Tina Danza is a hybrid cross between Triangle Kush and Georgia Pine, from Swamp Boys Seeds. That was still no help on explaining the name. I guessed these breeders just make stuff up.

According to Leafly, “This strain hits the head immediately and slowly settles into the body. Tina Danza has a funky chemical aroma with notes of cardamom and pine throughout.” The effects are said to be relaxed, happy and hungry and it treats depression, stress and insomnia.

I checked out the flower to make my own assessment.

The buds were mostly light green in color with burnt orange hairs springing out randomly. It was covered in crystally trichomes. To me, it smelled very citrusy. Lemony, to be exact, with a slight cleaning product aroma. It felt light and dense with just the right amount of moisture. We sparked up the Wake and Bake joint and it tasted pretty much how it smelled.

After a few minutes, I felt the cerebral effects kick in. Shortly after, I felt my muscles relax. I was feeling really stoned from this Tina Danza and my aches and pains were melting away.

I noticed my thoughts kept wandering back to how strains get their names. I was very contemplative and chill, and convinced the names just come from a bunch of guys sitting around, smoking, laughing and philosophizing. After all, that’s pretty much what I was doing for the past hour.    

The next day, I tried out Tina Danza in the morning again and I was flying high. I’m not sure what the THC percentage is for this strain, but in my opinion, it’s strong stuff that hits pretty hard.

Check out Tina Danza from Sunflower Meds at 10827 S 51st St #104, Phoenix, AZ 85044.

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