The Miracle of Marijuana

In the fighting ring named pain, the challenger Marijuana has dealt a significant blow to the reigning champion called Opioid.  Although an effective form of pain reliever, the opioid in all of its’ many forms, has been proven to have some serious side effects. The most threatening, and most prevalent symptom of opioid use is death. Since opioids are incredibly addictive, and tolerance is attained rapidly, the withdrawals can be felt by filling even the most brief of prescriptions. This is the reason that prescribed opioids are said to be the real gateways to addiction. With almost 19 thousand over-dose deaths in 2014, in which were directly related to opioid prescriptions. It is clear to see the need for a better option, the need for weed.

When comparing the states with Medical Marijuana (MMJ), to states without, the opioid related deaths is said to have dropped by 25 percent annually. Given the choice of pain reliever, more people seem to understand the potential benefits of switching. A man going even as far as moving to Colorado just to legally cure his addiction to opioids for chronic pain.  In 2013, they found that in the 17 states where MMJ was legal, it was recorded that there were steep drops in prescription drugs. In those states, the average doctor prescribed hundreds of less anti-anxiety, anti-depression, anti-nausea, as well as fewer seizure medications, and less antidepressants.

Chronic pain is a common companion for over a hundred thousand of your everyday fellow Americans. With pain that doesn’t go away, and a type of pain reliever that is not only expensive, but also becomes less effective due to the tolerance that is built. Creating the culture of dependence, and an environment of cyclical drug abuse. As the MMJ Industry comes into its’ own, the miracle of marijuana, and the numerous advantages available become ever apparent.

Written by: Dylan Lenz


Medical Marijuana Reduces the Use of Prescription Narcotics

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