Tahoe Og shatter from Arizona Organix 

Tahoe OG Shatter from Arizona Organix 

Tahoe OG Shatter from Arizona Organix

This was another extremely see-through gram of shatter from Arizona Organix it had the classic OG high. The smell is the classic OG smell, piney and fresh. Just inhaling the sent of the shatter lets you know it’s dank. 

I just got a new Vape pen from RockBottomGlass.com and evolve Standard with double coil’s. So I decided to do this review over a couple of days while I broke in my new Vape pen. 

Tahoe OG Shatter from Arizona Organix  2

I jammed a little chunk into the vaporizer screwed on the carb cap and away I went. In a brand-new Vape pen this stuff tasted fantastic, it was hitting all of my taste buds, all I can tell you is fresh. 

Over the next couple of days I worked on this gram, one or two puffs here in there was all I needed. I kept repacking the bowl to continue to create that amazing taste, after about four poles you lost the amazing taste and started it taste like resin and you had to reload. 

The gram lasted me about a week and so did the filament cartridge for the vape pen after a while the filaments stop heating up as well, and the experience is not as good.

Make sure you drop in and grab your self a gram if you are in the area, Arizona Organix is located in Glendale at  5301 W Glendale Ave.

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