Stevie Nicks’ Version of the Reverse “Gateway” to Creativity with Marijuana

Stevie Nicks' Version of the Reverse "Gateway" to Creativity with Marijuana

Stevie Nicks’ Version of the Reverse “Gateway” to Creativity with Marijuana

By Heath Roach

Photo by: Rolling Stones

I have to admit that I have had a crush on this beautiful gypsy rock-n-roll Queen since my teenage years.  Her mesmerizing, scratchy and soulful voice sends pleasing sensations to multiple parts of my body, mind and soul.    Her collaboration with Tom Petty on “Stop Dragging my Heart Around” were my inspiration for leaving a couple of detrimental relationship’s in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Thinking of her in that silky laced dress, moving in a sensual sway is a vision that thankfully will never leave my mind and fantasies.

She attributes her recent creativity when writing to smoking a little bit of marijuana which expands her range to connect her reflections on her life and experiences in the world. In a previous life she was addicted to first cocaine and then to Klonopin, a heavy tranquilizer. She limits her marijuana consumption to writing.

One of the funniest stories she told in her Rolling Stone article that I read on was her dance she named “the Crackhead Dance” which was a slow burn that gradually builds with intensity, reminiscent of the uninhibited dance of souls lost in their own addiction.  Stevie says, “It’s me being some of the drug addicts I knew and being myself too – just being that lost girl on the streets, freaked out with no idea how to find her way.”

She reminisced, “When Christine McVie (fellow vocalist in Fleetwood Mac) saw the dance she said, ‘Wow, we’ve always known that the ‘Gold Dust Woman’s was about the serious drug days.  This really depicts how frightening it was for all of us and what we were willing to do for it. We were dancing on the edge for years,” Stevie said.  Sorry readers, I’m technically challenged but the is a YouTube video showing this beauty performing this dance.  I strongly advise all wanting a reminder that check it out!  That video is worth 10,000 words and possible wet spots. 🙂 Simply stunning!


Cannabis as a Creativity Aid

After all these years in the roller coaster Rock-‘n’-roll drug infused business, she has settled down.  Now when writing, she allows herself to smoke a little bit of marijuana.  If she thought it would revert her back to old bad habits, she would quit.  She states, “It helps my creativity when I write, I use it as a tool.  And it works.”

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