“SAP” From Arizona Organix

SAP From Arizona Organix

SAP From Arizona Organix

I twisted open the .5g jar of SAP from Arizona Organix and stuck my nose in for a smell and got nothing. The last time I tried this stuff there was no smell and a very faint green taste. I broke out the camera and zoomed in to get a good shot and the SAP was perfectly clear.

I just got a new vaporizer in the mail called the Ditanium Vapor and I wanted to break it in. It confused me at first because it looks like a normal vaporizer. In fact it functions great as a normal flower vaporizer. The only difference is that there are six holes on top of the place where you connect the whip to do dabs off of and a carb cap that also helps when only smoking flower. This device is genius! You can do a vapor hit of flower, and drop a glob of dab on the top and get both effects.

Smoking the SAP dabs from the Ditanium Vapor is proving to be great. I have it turned down low so I can still pick up a faint taste while the hits are smooth and strong. I only needed to do once the first time and was good for about 1 hour before I needed another. In addition to the jar of SAP, I also picked up the SAP Caps and a SAP Vape and will be posting their reviews soon. The SAP is a good buy for the cost; I recommend you try this product if you like strong medicine, or if you are health conscious and want a product that is a healthier alternative to smoking flower.

You can get SAP from Arizona Organix 5301 W. Glendale Ave. Glendale, AZ 85301.

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