Proposition 205 survives court battles from both sides

Proposition 205

Proposition 205 has survived court battles from both sides of the spectrum and has not lost steam yet. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has had it’s fair share of criticism from prohibitionists and activists since August 11th when it officially announced it made the ballot. Last week a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by an all-star cast prohibitionists claiming the 100-word summary on the ballot petitions was misleading and fraudulent. What really made it interesting what the amount of Pro-Marijuana activists from Safer Arizona, AZFMR, and others were supporting the prohibitionist lawsuit. The chance to lump the likes of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Yavapai County Attorney Shelia Polk, and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce with activists like David Stephen Wisniewski of Safer Arizona, and Jason Medar of AZFMR where to easy to pass up for the news to make comments about how they were “working together”. It was interesting to see people spinning it to use it to their advantage. If anything the limited amount of time the AZFMR campaign had to gather signatures didn’t help them truly get enough signature to make the ballot. Proposition 205 made it and it’s currently the only animal we are voting up in the upcoming election.

In a statement, J.P. Holyoak, chairman of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, said he was pleased with the judge’s decision. He said the lawsuit is a way for marijuana opponents to deplete the campaign resources of the pro-effort. “This frivolous lawsuit was meant to waste the campaign’s resources,” Holyoak said. “After the case is concluded we will be asking the court to recover our costs from these litigious people. We’ve said from the beginning this was a frivolous lawsuit and Judge Gentry dismissed each and every frivolous claim. It is time to let the voters decide.” Proposition 205 qualified earlier this month for the general election ballot and now that it’s made it past these court battles its time to start looking toward the future. Currently, Safer Arizona is start Campaigning for their 2018 campaign real legalization but urges voters to make an informed decision the ballot in November.

Source: Phoenix New Times
Source: AZCentral

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