Arizona Prison Food Vendor Donates $180,000 in Opposition to Prop 205

Last week, Services Group of America made a second donation to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy in Opposition to Prop 205, bringing the group’s total contributions to $180,000.

SGA made their first donation to the cause in late September for $80,000 and another on Oct. 14, for $100,000.

According to, Services Group of America is the parent company of Food Services of America, who prepares and sells meals to prisons in Arizona.

If there are less people in prison for marijuana use, there are a lot less mouths to feed. In response to that possibility, SGA is doing what they can to keep Arizona prisons full and profitable.

SGA joins other major funders including the Arizona Chamber of Commerce ($650k), Discount Tire ($1 million), Insys Therapeutics (pharma – $500k) and Empire Southwest (heavy equipment – $200k).

Make sure you vote YES ON PROP 205!



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