Not Enough Signatures on Missouri’s Petition to Legalize Medical Marijuana


In Missouri according to the law proposed constitutional amendments require 8% of registered voters’ signatures in six out of the eight districts in Missouri in order to go to a vote. The state law also dictates that the petition sheets have to be signed in a specific way…on sheets that are grouped by county AND by district. The 2nd district, which includes St. Louis, was 2,242 signatures short of the required 8%, due to thousands of signatures being invalidated for various reasons, including being on the correct district sheet but not in the right county.

If it had made it to the ballot in November, this measure would have also included a 4% sales tax on the marijuana, imposed a license and fee for marijuana growers and retailers and allowed approved patients to grow up to six plants for their own personal use, to be grown at their homes.

Medical marijuana supporters, including New Approach Missouri, will continue to fight for legalization of medical marijuana in the state.


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