Northern California Hospital Hopes to Allow Medical Marijuana Use

Some members of Marin General Hospital in California want to allow patients to use medical marijuana and they are speaking out about it. In an interview with the Marin Independent Journal, a member of Marin’s Healthcare District board and former Marin General Hospital emergency room doctor, Dr. Larry Bedard, explained how medical marijuana is the only prescribed medication that is currently NOT allowed to be used in a hospital and how we need to change that. In a resolution submitted to hospital management and the board of directors, Dr. Bedard is requesting that patients be allowed to use medical devices that will administer marijuana…not necessarily allowing them to smoke joints or use bongs inside the hospital.

Due to the Schedule I classification of marijuana, however, hospital administrators have the right to be fearful that the federal government may retaliate against them if they allow for inpatient marijuana use. The government could even go so far as to revoke the hospital’s Medicare license by finding them guilty of a federal drug crime. Hospital management are now deliberating on the proposal and determining what, if any, changes they are willing to make.


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