Medical Marijuana Allowed At School in New Jersey

In November 2015, the Governor of NJ passed a bill making it legal for a parent or caregiver to give a child edible marijuana on school grounds based on certain medical criteria. This news came as a huge relief for one family in particular who have been fighting for their daughter Genny who has both epilepsy and autism and is only able to function while on marijuana oil. New Jersey is the first state in the country to allow for edible marijuana in schools but there have been a few hurdles to jump over including allowing a school nurse or a dispensary employee to be permitted to administer the medication versus the parent or caregiver.

The ability to provide a child with medical marijuana oil so they can function in school is amazing because every child deserves the right to an education regardless of their medical condition and special needs. Because of one family’s crusade for fair treatment of their sick child, this bill has been passed which will hopefully trigger other states to understand the facts and follow suit.


Teen with epilepsy and autism is now able to use medical marijuana at school due to new government policy!

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