Marijuana’s Influence on Money – The New Gold Rush is Green

The Marijuana Industry has irrevocably altered both social and economic systems for a few pioneer states already making history. With Washington State claiming more than $1 Billion in revenue of non-medicinal marijuana since legalization in 2014. Not to mention, Colorado claiming $135 million annually, and steadily rising. Other politicians can’t help but watch and wonder; how could this kind of revenue benefit my state?

Half of the country has already legalized medical marijuana, but 9 states are voting this November for full legalization and recreational use. These states include Florida, Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Vermont, Arkansas, and Nevada. 

In California, they are already planning how to spend the money. According to Los Angeles County, they intend to use the potential revenue gained from a recreational marijuana tax to help put a dent in the homeless crisis. In a county recording nearly a billion dollars spent annually on services for the almost 50 million homeless residents.

It is becoming rapidly apparent that this new industry could have numerous positive monetary benefits starting with knocking out the black market. Some states are planning to supplement costly programs like Medicare. Vermont wants to strengthen dui, and drug addiction programs. Although they will hold off on legalizing edibles until they can approve an effective system by which to regulate.

At the end of the hour, this tidal cascade of an industry is moving with monumental momentum. This unstoppable force is history being driven, as the clock ticks away every minute of every day. The conversation is changing from if, to when, making the only question left to ask. How can we make this inevitable economic shift impact our local environment as positively as possible?      

Written by: Dylan Lenz


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