Marijuana Industry Trade Association and the state of CBD in Arizona

Mita state of CBD marijuana industry trade asspociation

Marijuana Industry Trade Association and the state of CBD in Arizona

By: Liz Venable

About 300 people attended the crowded Marijuana Industry Trade Association meeting. We circulated through the room, networking in advance. There were a ton of sponsors, and a few like Infusion were giving out unmedicated swag. As for the medication, well, it could be found if you tried.

State Representative Cesar Chavez spoke, saying, “We don’t have money for education, we don’t have money for healthcare, we don’t have money for roads, we don’t have money for anything. The answer is marijuana. It’s time that Arizona makes that change, it’s time that Arizona, being the state that has all of the resources necessary to be a model state, not only in the country but across the world. It’s time that we make that change.”

Mita state of CBD marijuana industry trade asspociation

After that was the panel. The moderator of The State of CBD was Dmitri Downing of MITA. The panelists were Colleen Keahey Lanier of the National Hemp Industries Association, Dr. Will Humble, Former Director of AZ Department of Health Services, Mike Goldberg, CEO of Level Up Dispensaries and KIND Concentrates, Kim Fulton Arizona Cannabis Monthly, Ryan Hurley, General Counsel for Copperstate Farms, and Don Flanagan, Cool Blue Enterprises.

The dispensaries and growers obviously have to operate according to a wide variety of laws or be shut down. This even applies to CBD, which you would think would be less regulated as it is legal in all 50 states (but federally illegal).

Alex Sternheim at Mita with ILAVA

The brand new rule is that CBD of certain types, and especially that derived from marijuana, cannot be sold across state lines.

According to Dr. Will Humble, “Whether you can buy and sell CBD oils or extracts in the dispensary depends on where the CBD came from in terms of the plant. The way the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act is written, it’s written specific to the marijuana plant. It’s silent as the hemp, so if the CBD product came from the marijuana plant then it needs to be grown in-state in a cultivation facility, processed in a licensed dispensary, it could come from a caregiver or something like that too, but in-state. So the authors of the act were really careful to make sure that this was an Arizona medical marijuana program, to avoid a state like California or Colorado taking over the industry here.”

This might not hurt, and might even help, local brands like Select CBD and KIND Concentrates. But of course any move to further restrict the movement of CBD is criminalization within the context of prohibition.

Mike Goldberg said, “KIND Concentrates are certified with DHS, you can sell them in your dispensary, all they need to do is provide documentation to DHS the documentation that the CBD is sourced as industrial hemp, that’s from a Farm Bill compliant program, so that’s what we at KIND have done.” So KIND Concentrates can basically continue operating the same way it has been.

Sometimes the dispensaries have policies announced that they are supposed to follow that they don’t even have formal rules for yet. Colleen Keahey Lanier, “We keep talking about how this has been documented but I haven’t seen the documentation, and I would like to know if anyone here has. (Panelists haven’t). We keep talking about this as if it was the Department’s policy, but where’s the documentation for the policy?”

She was told by Dr. Will Humble to ask the Department to clarify the policy regarding out of state CBD. Will Humble said to ask for a substantive policy statement.

Marijuana Industry Trade Association and the state of CBD in Arizona

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