Lil Drawz

In 2004, Lil Drawz started rapping when a musician came to his neighborhood to show kids how to record, when he made the Imperial Courts song with his friends, Buddy Love and Project4rmWatts (produced by Darrion)” Dave at the Christian School World Impact which was a challenge when he couldn’t curse as freely in the music. “The music was cool, but it had no swag”, so it made it hard at that time for me as a youngster. We made a couple of good songs, but I had to do me. I used to get right in there hyped up. I was never shy, I was always on. Moms didn’t have to worry about me cause she knew I wasn’t gone f*** up.

In 04 he performed and was in the newspaper, Source Magazine when Russell Simmons, Ludacris, and Pepsi donated money to open a studio right next to the gym. It was another day for me.

Then in 2005 Bigg Slice became more interested in him and included him on Slice of Life a show. “I saw him in Snoop’s car and I flagged him down and started going to events. He introduced me to Richard Shaw who introduced me to Diane Luxenburg who introduced me to Rozano “Z” Johnson” (both photographers).

In 2006 Richard Shaw shot Slice of Life and asked Lil Drawz to be a part of his next project, “The Wordz Project”which featured Layzie Bone, Bigg Slice, Snoop Dogg and other artists. This was the same year he started getting tracks from BLK RUM.

In 07 he was in the studio with BLK recording his mixtape Stacc Now Ball Later vol 1 & 2. This made more attention for him to start getting people from overseas watching what was going on in the community. With knowing that he then had a bigger audience watching “Projectfilms08” was made (youtube channel) for those that wanted to see videos, or listen to new music from far away (overseas).

He went on to record Mohawk Season with producer Janky Jay and then Nightmare on 115 th Street. Lil Drawz and a few producers along with some industry beats put together one of the hardest mix tapes called The Return, which included Crippin’ Hard. He then made Snap Bacc City and started traveling. He had helped develop younger artists who were coming up after him. He hooked up with Uncle Chucc at Bullside Management and was doing more original music.

Going to more studios introduced Lil Drawz to more producers, more artists and more features. When he went to work with Marvdogg, he met RBX & a few other artists to put together Fresh 2 Death featuring RBX, Master P, & Bad Azz. He’s been featured ininterviews, newspapers, videos, magazines, music, & events. He also volunteers with the Red Eye and other organizations to give back to the community.

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