Lawsuit filed to Lower Annual Fee for Medical Marijuana Cards


A lawsuit filed against the state of Arizona in hopes to lower the cost of medical marijuana cards. For many that have been paying into the program they feel like the cost to renew is a hefty fee that doesn’t seem right for a life saving medication. The lawsuit specifically named Governor Doug Ducey and the Arizona Department of Health Services as the entities involved in determining the arbitrary renewal cost for medical marijuana cards.

The Family behind the lawsuit claim’s that they cannot afford the hefty annual fee, reports ABC 15 News. Yolanda Daniels gives medical marijuana to her granddaughter for epilepsy. Daniels is part of the lawsuit and said, “She was having probably five seizures a day. She was on so many meds, that she didn’t have any quality of life.” After trying 23 different medications with no relief, Daniels turned to medical marijuana for her granddaughter. “In the first month [after using medical marijuana], she didn’t have any seizures at all,” Daniels recalled. “No one should have to make the choice of saving money for a card or their child’s life,” said Daniels.

Steve White, the family’s attorney, hopes to turn this into a class action lawsuit for all Arizona cardholders. “It got to a point where we said enough is enough and we got to do something about it,” said White. “It is unclear whether or not the department was permitted to set a fair price or if the department was influenced by other state officials in the process.” The lawsuit hopes to get to the bottom of the fees for the cards and what is happening with that money behind these fees and why it is so expensive. They hope to get other card holders to back them in the lawsuit that if wine will see those fee returned to all over Arizona. The state fee in Arizona is $150 annually payable to the state and patients must also pay to visit a doctor annually to get the required approval for card requirements.


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