Last Minute Donations to Support and Oppose Prop 205

In the past few days, more donations have come in to support and oppose Prop 205. It’s not likely that we’ll be bombarded with fewer commercials and ads before election day.

The good news is that more money has come in to support Prop 205 than to oppose it.

Close to $800,000 has poured into the Campaign to Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol, including a $300k donation from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and $350k from Drug Policy Action.


On the other side, about $700,000 has come in to the Campaign against Prop 205, including a half-million contribution from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and another $80,000 from the prison food vendor, Services Group of America (SGA). That makes a total of a quarter of a million dollars that a SGA is contributing to keep our prisons full of petty marijuana offenders.



Download the entire campaign finance records here.

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