Kief Cookie Strain Review from WAM in El Mirage

I headed out to WAM dispensary in El Mirage the other day and picked up a few new samples from Deanna. We decided to try out their new strain, Flurry, with a Kief Cookie on top. A kief cookie is made up of 2 grams of kief, held together with wax. It was recommended that we shave pieces off with a razor blade and put it on top of whatever else we’re smoking for a killer kick.

As for the Flurry flower, it had a sweet and sour smell to it. These terps were definitely in the berry and citrus range. It was mostly a dark, olive green with sparse orange hairs. The buds felt springy, tight and on the heavier side.

We ground some Flurry in our Phoenician Engineering grinder and put it in a clean Zong Bong with some kief cookie on top.

It wasn’t long before the kief cookie took over and there was no more Flurry. This kief held together with wax was slow-burning and hard-hitting. We quickly realized that the cookie’s effects were going to overtake the Flurry, so we decided to just keep smoking the kief cookie.

I don’t know what types of kief or wax were in the cookie, but I felt sativa effects right away. I wasn’t tired at all and I was alert and motivated. The taste reminded me of a clean, resin. It wasn’t a typical hash taste. About 45 minutes later, I was still really baked from smoking about ⅙ of the kief cookie. I took a selfie and even after tossing around my hair, I still looked stoned. I planned to do a separate review on the Flurry tomorrow, sans the kick-ass kief cookie.

Check out kief cookies from WAM, at 12550 W Thunderbird Rd. Ste. 114B El Mirage, AZ 85335. Each 2 gram cookie costs $35.

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