Jigga Cookies from GreenPharms Dispensary

jigga cookies strain review from greenpharms dispensary in phoenix arizona

Jigga Cookies from GreenPharms Dispensary

When I stuck my nose in the plastic tube of Jigga Cookies from GreenPharms Dispensaries, the first thing I thought was that your life may not be complete if you have never had the pleasure of smelling a cookie’s genetics. This flower’s scent hit me with the distinct sweet minty smell that we all know as girl scout cookies.

This is a special strain review for the Beto Family. For the review we were given a simple yet beautifully blown pipe made by Beto’s wife Susann Occhiline. The pipe had a small red flower on the side and unlike cheaply made forgone glass, you can tell there was love and dedication put into this pipe. The holes for the bowl carb and mouthpiece were all the right proportions to deliver the perfect hit.

I poured out a bud of Jigga Cookies to examine the colors and textures. It was coated with frost and had a dense light green color along with purple checkerboard patches all over. I packed a bowl and took my first hit and as promised by the name, I inhale a nice sweet smooth first hit. Jigga Cookies definitely did it’s job when I smoked a full pull from my pipe. It gave me a nice high and was ready for my pillow. The high was so good I was barely hanging on to finish these last few words to close up the article. If you are looking for something to help with sleep, this is a winner. I normally have a hard time sleeping so this was the perfect strain for me.

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You can pick some up at one of the GreenPharms Dispensaries location below or visit their website at www.greenpharms.com

Jigga Cookies from GreenPharms Dispensary

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