J-1 Sunday Goods

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J-1 Sunday Goods

The J-1 strain is sativa dominant and a wonderful playful high. As I opened the jar of J-1 a citrus sweet smell escaped. I examined the nugs and each one were individually crystalized and hairy. As I broke up the flower to get it rolled I noticed the smell getting stronger. Ended up, with my fingers smelling for a little while for sure.

After I got the joint rolled, I lit it up. To my surprise the smells I enjoyed were just as sweet in taste. As I hit it a few times, I started feeling a little in my eyes and upper head. Time passed and I realized it was an hour and a half later and I had been just kicking back reading and not stopping.

This strain helped me to focus and be productive. Once I realized that, I was out the door for work. There was no lag or hangover type effect to it. Went to work and was productive all day long. I got home and smoked another one and I’ll tell you, comedy shows are so hilarious when you focus on all the jokes….

I would definitely recommend this strain for the daytime use only. You would probably end up staying up all night if you tried to go to sleep after smoking this. This bright and airy strain from Sunday Goods has the “Daytime Goods.”

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