Is There Another New Medical Use For CBD?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could identify a chemical made in nature that would help people heal their bone fractures faster and make their bones stronger to help avoid another fracture? Of course it would. Thanks to the research of two universities in Isreal: Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University, we are closer to this being a reality.

Their study, using rats as the test subjects, treated the subjects with CBD and compared their healing with subjects who were giving none and they found that the subjects who received CBD healed significantly faster. Because THC did not improve the speed with which the bone healed, the study concluded that CBD alone is all that was necessary for the faster healing time.

How is this possible? The study explains how the human body, including the brain, have cannabinoid receptors that are activated by the compounds within the cannabis plant. The CBD chemical within cannabis stimulates the growth of bone and strengthens the new bone which decreases bone loss. The possibility that CBD can aid in osteoporosis, amongst other issues, is really exciting. Further research is needed but it seems we are continuing to find medical uses for cannabis that will ultimately improve the lives of our friends and neighbors.


Scientists Discover Marijuana Helps Heal Broken Bones, & Even Makes Them Stronger


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