Huxton Zen Wild Tea Arcadia Line Disposable Vape Pen Review

Huxton Zen Wild Tea Arcadia Line Disposable Vape Pen Review

By: 710 Editor

Huxton Vape cartridges from Monarch Wellness Center are compact with a sleek dull black covering. The bottom of the disposable lights up and displays the Huxton shield. Each name has a metallic color to represent indica (blue), sativa (copper), and hybrid (green).  The pen comes a nice glass tube that your literally have to uncork like a fine bottle of wine. The pen itself, is approximately four inches long from top to bottom making it very light weight. The head has a opening at the exact center of the pen and is comfortable in the mouth or on the lips, and is easy for consumption.


Zen Wild Tea is an indica based product with added terpenes of coriander, vanilla, and ginger. All three flavor terpenes will end up giving you a nice relaxing effect as well as offering some medicinal properties  besides the Cannabis. Strains that are available for the Wild Tea are Wonder Woman OG, Blue Dream, and Kush OG.

HiFi Cool Mint, is going to lean more towards a Sativa blend. Each time I used the cartridge, I was able to get a nice big cloud of smoke, even on small intakes. There is a strong minty flavor to the terpenes and the material tasted like spearmint gum. It definitely had a strong Sativa feel and I was definitely feeling energetic and euphoric. Cannabis used in this product were Green Crack, Durban Poison, and Cantaloupe Haze. I am pretty sure, that Durban Poison was used in this cartridge because of the sativa feel but lower anxiety effects. After using the product a few times I noticed that the “high” affects were fast and long lasting.

Because the pen is black I wanted to check the quality of the oil inside of the pen so I pealed off the black sticker to take a peek inside. The process of pealing it off took about 5 minutes and left a sticky glue on the outside of the white plastic tube I made a small slit in the pen with a razor and the oil was a nice transparent yellow color, even though I waited to open it until it was almost empty and only about 10% remained. Overall, I would definitely use this merchandise again in the future. You can pick one up at the Monarch Wellness Center location below or visit their page at where they offer online ordering as well.

Huxton Zen Wild Tea Arcadia Line Disposable Vape Pen Review

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