Head Cheese Strain Review from WAM

This morning’s Wake and Bake review is Head Cheese from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine (WAM) in El Mirage.

Based on the name, I was wondering what kind of cheese my head would feel like. Would it be swiss cheese, with all my thoughts running through a maze of holes or more like sharp cheddar, making my mind twice as sharp as it normally is? Cheese makes me think this will be an indica dominant hybrid with a heavy body high.

head-cheese-nugsThen I looked it up and found out my assumption was off a bit. It’s actually a sativa dominant hybrid, 60/40 sativa/indica and a cross between Cheese and Headband.

According to Leafly, “Head Cheese offers astonishing relief to symptoms like pain, migraines, inflammation, spasms, sleeplessness and appetite loss.”

The bud was dense and sprung back when squeezed. It was mostly dark green with a bunch of burnt orange hairs. It smelled earthy like pine, fruity like grapefruit and was very aromatic. I smelled no cheese. I read that the strain is called Head Cheese because the buds resemble a brain. I think that’s quite a stretch to make that comparison.


We ground up the bud in our GR8TR grinder from Kannastör, rolled up our morning joint and away we went.

head-cheese-grinderWhen I lit up the Wake and Bake joint, it tasted nothing like cheese…luckily. I don’t think I’d want to smoke cheese. It kept it’s earthy, piney taste with a hint of citrus. It was a smooth smoke.

I had some intense pain in my knee this morning, so I was hoping this Head Cheese would help. A few minutes after smoking the joint, I still had that pain in my knee, but it was a little better. My other sore muscles melted away into tingling sensations. I wasn’t feeling tired, but my body felt heavier and I was wishing I could sit down in a cushy massage chair. I was still alert and awake, but definitely not in the mood for exercise.

You can find Head Cheese at WAM, located at 12550 W Thunderbird Rd, Ste 114B, El Mirage, AZ 85335

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