Green Crack-ed Me Up – Strain Review

green crack

I can’t help but grin at the fact that I’m going to be writing facts and opinions about all kinds of marijuana strains. How great can a job get?

For my first review, I got to test out some Green Crack from High Desert Healing.

Let’s start off with the name first – Green Crack came from none other than Snoop Dogg. He called it Green Crack because of it’s energetic, happy, but short high, that kept him wanting more. Usually people would shy away from something associated with crack cocaine but trust me, there’s no need to be shy with this friendly bud. Green Crack is sometimes referred to as Green Cush to avoid the negative connotation and was actually called Cush back in the 70’s.

green-crack-bud-smallThe lineage of Green Crack is sketchy. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from Skunk #1 and an unknown strain. It was originally created on the East Coast or in Georgia.

We all gathered together for the strain review. I took in the aroma of the bud and was immediately reminded of pink grapefruit. Some reviewers say it smells like mango, but for me, it was all pink grapefruit. It’s like aromatherapy for your nose.

Visually, it’s pretty dense, and a bright green bud with lots of burnt orange strands. It broke apart  easily into smaller pieces and we ground it up and rolled a joint.


I sparked it up and the taste was citrusy from the first puff. Not only does the citrus come through in the smoke, but it stays around on your lips and the tip of your tongue. This joint still tasted great halfway through and even in the end, that tangy citrus taste lingers.

green-crack-groundIt has a nice, upbeat buzz and gets your creative genius and playful/funny side to come out. The physical effects are felt in your increased energy levels. You’re steady and ready to go on Green Crack.

When a colleague left and then came back into the room, he said, “it smells really good and really skunky in here.” Hence, the Skunk #1 genetics.

An hour later, I was still feeling great from this Green Crack. I had no paranoia or anxiety with this sativa dominant breed, and I usually get some. The high lasted about an hour and a half.

For a great, get things done, fully functional, stimulating buzz, this Green Crack from High Desert Healing gets two thumbs up from this reviewer.

High Desert Healing is located at 12620 N Cave Creek Rd. Suite 1, Phoenix, AZ 85022


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