GDP From Hempful Farms Strain Review

GDP Hempful Farms hemp cbd strain review

GDP From Hempful Farms Strain Review

The small glass jar from Hempful Farms that I opened contained the GDP Pressed Hemp from the Weedless brand of hemp products. Surprisingly when I put my nose up against it, I was met with a rich and full sweet floral smell of pot. Now if you have had isolate from a dispensary or smoke shop, you know that typically they are unflavored and have no cannabis aroma so it would be weird to dab or smoke it. Well, the boys over at Hempful Farms solved that problem by hunting out the terpene profile for the Grand Daddy Purple Flower. They reintroduced the terpenes into the isolate to make a solid white rock with an amazing smell. When doing this, all of the healing terpenes from cannabis that are lost during the extraction and isolate process are restored and it becomes healthier for the patient and is enjoyable as well.

I peeked through the jar to discover a beautiful glistening white chunk of CBD. I pulled out a few pieces and dropped them onto my dab mat. I wanted to check the consistency so I grounded up a small piece in my fingers to release the GDP aroma in my room and the resin onto my fingers.

I took my first dab of the GDP and it was everything I imagined. If you have never done a CBD dab before, I recommend you try it after a long hard day of smoking flower. You will notice the effects are instantaneous. My body started tingling from my mouth to my toes and I immediately started plucking away at my keyboard to start the review. The taste of the smoke produced exactly what was intended from the smell which was amazing.

Hempful Farms manufactures all of their products in a commercial kitchen in Phoenix, AZ where the public can take daily tours. I recommend you visit them and check out their products at the location below. You can also check them out on Facebook @hempfulfarms and Instagram @hempfulfarms.

Hempful Farms
1756 W Bell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85022

GDP From Hempful Farms Strain Review

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