Forum Cut 404 GSC #6 Strain Review

Today’s review is on Forum Cut 404 GSC #6, from Sunflower Meds, in Phoenix, AZ.

Forum Cut 404 GSC #6 is a cross between Memory Loss x Girl Scout Cookies, so it sounded like a potent strain.

The bud was mostly dark green with brown hairs and it was covered in trichomes. It smelled piney and citrusy and it was extraordinarily hard and dense. The huge buds broke apart into smaller ones but it had a ways to go through the grinder. We lit up the “tasting joint” to get the full flavor palate and it tasted spicy and earthy. The taste lingered around on my lips and tongue and I was cool with that.

I definitely felt the cerebral effects from this potent sativa hybrid, and my body felt relaxed and little heavier. I still had some back pain though.

According to Leafly, “Memory Loss is a fast-finishing 70% sativa hybrid from Archive Seed Bank that smells very much like a Dutch Haze, with a strong, peppery incense odor and undertones of bubblegum and fruit. Memory Loss is named for its mind-warping high that can leave users in a disoriented and forgetful mental state.”

Wikileaf says that “Girl Scout Cookies is a heavy hitter that gives users the best of both cerebral intensity and comfortable body melt. It originated on the West Coast as a cross between strong sativa Durban Poison and staple hybrid OG Kush.”

The resulting cross of Memory Loss and Girl Scout Cookies is Forum Cut 404 GSC #6. Sunflower Meds also has a related strain called Forum Cut 404 GSC #7.

Either way, you’re bound to have an uplifting cerebral and heavy body feeling with this bud. Check it out from Sunflower Meds at 10827 S 51st St #104, Phoenix, AZ 85044 or 5205 East University, Mesa, AZ 85205.

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