Exclusive: Sessions Petitions Congress Undo Medical Cannabis Protections

Exclusive: Sessions Petitions Congress Undo Medical Cannabis Protections

By: Benjamin Roussey

June 13, 2017

But conservatives like Sessions continue to be hypocrites when it comes to marijuana. They say they believe in limited government but they want to prevent you from smoking marijuana in your own home. How come we cannot have the same laws for alcohol applied to marijuana? This is not rocket science.

Your Morality is Misguided on this Issue Sessions!

Right now the federal government cannot interfere with states’ rights in terms of medical marijuana laws. Conservatives normally promote state rights but not in this case. Another sign of hypocrisy. Sessions wants to spend tax payers’ dollars on worthless causes like trying to undermine a states’ pursuit in making marijuana legal for medical purposes. I thought we were $20 trillion in debt? We are! Thanks to Obama for doubling the debt, not fixing this broken federal system we have in place which continues to overspend, and while allowing ISIS to rise, and keeping the economy in a recession. Obama was a joke but Sessions is messing up in this instance!

Sessions says: “I believe it would be unwise for Congress to restrict the discretion of the Department to fund particular prosecutions, particularly in the midst of an historic drug epidemic and potentially long-term uptick in violent crime.” Sessions inked this letter to both parties in the senate.

Sessions, marijuana has nothing to do with this violent crime epidemic! Wake up! Stop being obtuse! That is like saying ISIS is violent because of some mythical global warming issue! Ridiculous! This is like saying raising the minimum wage creates jobs! It does not! See California and Seattle, go ask a small business about that one! Can you spell automation and less jobs!?

Sessions, keeping marijuana illegal just forces good people to give money to street criminals. You are hurting genuine small businesses. Not too smart!

The Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment protects states and has been the law for three years now. But the Trump Administration is proving to be hardheaded on this issue and wants to undermine this amendment based on their 2017 fiscal year appropriations bill. Medical marijuana protections may soon be lifted. Trump is going to create jobs, make America energy self-sufficient, balance a budget, fix our jacked up health care situation which is killing people and destroying families, and so on. But this marijuana issue, Republicans are still way off base.

It is very sad!

The job killing president who is named Obama who contributed to failed liberal cities across the country, who spread MS-13 all over the nation (based on his own hidden and nefarious mentality), compelled business to take their money and jobs overseas because of high taxes and senseless regulations (we do not need 5,000 laws to have clean water; we should not charge a small business for putting in a flag pole!), pretty much ignored states pursuing medical marijuana freedoms. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

Trump did say he would honor states if they wanted to have medical marijuana laws set in stone. He said he knows people who have been aided by cannabis because they are in pain and so on.

Session is a Hypocrite on this Topic

Sessions does not like marijuana and is a far better attorney general than Lynch and Holder who were both corrupt and politically correct. They did not protect America. But again, Session is wrong on this issue.

Congress is now working on the 2018 appropriations bills. Hopefully medical marijuana laws in states are not attacked. Let your congressman or congresswoman know that this is not a major issue, respect tax payers’ money, the medical marijuana business is not contributing to any violence (the entire marijuana business is not contributing to any street violence unless marijuana is kept illegal as it is still in some states!) and legalizing it is probably even preventing some crime from occurring, and so on.

Sessions, why is alcohol legal which causes DUI deaths all over the country while people like you still believe marijuana is somehow evil?




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