Errl Stock 2018

errl stock 2018 yavapai county cannabis marijuana festival

Errl Stock 2018

By: Liz Venable

Errl Stock was held in Camp Verde. It was a follow up to the Errl Cup events. It was a gathering of people who were all medical marijuana patients, who were able to take in nature while sampling free medication and making friends. Camping on a huge farm brought everyone together for the special event, where parties, bonfires, and medicine reigned.

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I got to stay on Zonka River (named after the Zonka Bar), near the very back of the camp. It was hosted by Hempful Farms, and I got my spot by writing a review for Paw Puddy, a line of dog treats. We were with others who had won as well as vendors.

It was absolutely gorgeous on that river. There were horses on the way over, and although there was a great deal of walking to get there, people would also come by in trucks to take us around. The river was peaceful and sparkling. It was refreshing to wake up every morning.

Vapen (the top sponsor) gave out s’mores and had free medication available at their campers. The Medicated Mavens held yoga practice and meditation under the trees.

Zonka, D’Treatz, Korova, and Sublime all offered free treats. Many vendors offered a diverse array of swag. From rolling plates to t-shirts, it was all available.

Over the weekend people bonded over cannabis. Everyone was there to share. People talked about their love of the plant and had all sorts of debates about policy and dispensaries. They also talked a lot about their personal connections with the plant.

I was not a VIP camper but I heard all kinds of tales about goodie bags and really “special” meals. I’m sure they were all tremendous. I got a some special gifts from my hosts so I didn’t mind. Although let me tell you that food sounded amazing.

As it was the weekend before Halloween there was of course a costume ball and competition. There were at least 4 unicorns besides myself, a box of Nilla Wafers met up with a pack of Dutchies, and all were greeted by the usual ghosts and goblins. The horse turnout was transformed into a spooky space with creepy people impersonating statues that were meant to scare. Free medication was everywhere.

I was satisfied just camping on the river, making new friends, and trying a million new strains. It was quite an experience, even just for the campsite alone. If you ever want to try medicated camping, without fear, and this event happens again, you’ll want to go.

Errl Stock 2018

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