Doug Ducey Battles AZ Pot Legalization

It’s no secret that Governor Doug Ducey has been working overtime to defeat Marijuana legalization in Arizona. He has been spending a lot of time behind the scenes helping fundraise against legalization by holding pricey propaganda dinner talks at swanky Hotels. Tonight at the Sanctuary on Camelback Ducey will be joined by two of the Colorado Heavyweight Prohibitionists to the table for an open close forum on Cannabis. John Suthers the mayor of Colorado Springs best known for his hardline on illegal commercial cannabis grow operation in his city. Sergeant Jim Gerhardt of the openly prohibitionist Rocky Mountain Drug Trafficking Task force.

Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy is using the new found infusion of cash from Insys Therapeutics to host the event with talk-radio host seth Leibsohn. They are asking for guests to pay $10,000 a person for the hourlong talk. Then another $1,000 per person for the reception that is only scheduled to last till 7pm.  This is just another example of a big fundraising push that Governor Ducey has been using to help push ARDP into the front of Arizona’s voters. While some people would say that Ducey is trying to protect Arizona, many of the ARDP’s benefactors also contributed heavily to Ducey’s 2014 election campaign.

Some of ARDP’s donations have been controversial even without Ducey’s involvement.

ARDP has taken money from the alcohol industry and the parent company of Arizona’s largest utility, Arizona Public Service. Last week, Holyoak’s campaign bashed the opposition for taking its largest donation of $500,000 from Insys Therapeutics, which wants legal marijuana to fail so its synthetic THC product sells better, and which is under investigation for aggressively marketing the dangerous opiate fentanyl.

Read the invitation to the Ducey fundraiser from Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy:

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