Cronuts Strain Review

It was a cloudy Thursday morning, and at 7:45 a.m. we lit up the wake and bake joint of Cronuts, from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine (WAM) in El Mirage.  

cronuts-middleBefore lighting it up we noticed that the bud felt really solid and was a little sticky. It was a pretty flower, with some purple, greens and burnt orange hairs. It smelled skunky and earthy with a hint of berry, but didn’t have an overpowering smell. 

We ground up the bud in our GR8TR grinder from Kannastör, rolled up our morning joint and away we went.

cronuts-grinderThe dense bud was pretty slow burning. It tasted citrusy at first, then went to an earthy taste. 

About 5 minutes into it, I was still waiting to feel something. It finally crept up at about the 10 minute mark. I decided to add a Zong Bong hit of the Cronuts after the joint.

My body felt relaxed and a little heavier. I was thinking indica-dominant hybrid. It was a mellow buzz and I kept catching my mind easily wandering. So, I think it’s good for things like stress, anxiety and pain.

Then I went to Google Cronuts info, and I only found information only from seed companies. What was this mystery weed?

On I found this information:

“Cronuts is the long-awaited hybrid by Alphakronik Genes featuring the infamous Girl Scout Cookie cutting. They decided that the Sin City Kush male would be the most potent offering to complement the unique traits that the GSC cut is known for.

Cronuts has a unique blend of flavours that culminate in a sweet and woodsy flavor, with undertones of bread and fuel with a florally sweet finish.

Patient testing has shown Cronuts to perform well in aiding the effects on Crohn’s Disease, Joint Swelling, Gastrointestinal Pain, Ocular Pressure due to Glaucoma, Headaches, and Generalized Pain.”

According to 

“Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong sativa component (40:60 sativa/indica ratio). This strain can reach THC levels of up to 28%, meaning it’s one of the most potent strains available to medical marijuana patients. This strain provides the best aspects of both sativa and indica, and the high is powerful, happy, and euphoric, but with couch-lock body effects and feelings of lethargy.”

And Sin City Kush listed on Leafly as:

“an 80/20 indica-dominant cross of LVPK and Snowdawg bred by Alphakronik Genes Seeds. The buds of Sin City Kush are a mix of deep purple and green hues with a glossy coat of white trichomes and a compelling floral aroma. Don’t expect to accomplish much when trying Sin City Kush — the indica influence weighs heavy on the body and mind, so this strain is best enjoyed after your daily tasks are complete.”

Taking all of that into consideration, I’d say that my experience matched up with the genetics pretty well. Pain, relaxation, stress reduction and a long-lasting mellow buzz.

You can find Cronuts at WAM in El Mirage for $15 a gram, $45 an eighth.

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