Chronic Tacos at Metro Center

In the tumultuous world of tacos, how does one, tell one establishment from another? The guys over at Chronic Tacos would say, love.

Whether it is the love of their 3rd generation recipes, the love of their fresh daily made sauces, or the love of their uniquely marinated meats, the answer is always unanimously just one word, love. When authentic recipes, and legendary tastes combine with an exquisite environment of friendly, casual, and laid-back people. The result is a no stress, healthy experience, where the consistency of quality is never at risk.

Chronic Tacos will be celebrating their first year, after opening in 2015, here in Phoenix. The franchise first began in California, where it was their dream to serve the fastest, and freshest Mexican food around. This was a tall order to fill in the saturated market place, as it is in the Southwestern region of the United States for Mexican food. Yet filling tall orders is what they do at Chronic Tacos, by perfectly balancing fast, and fresh foods, they quickly gained notoriety among celebrities wanting to invest in this bright future. Wee Man, from the “Jackass” movies, opened one in Redondo Beach, and called it “WeeMan’s Chronic Tacos.”

Yet if you talk to anyone who might have enjoyed a meal at Chronic Tacos, they will surely tell you that tacos are just the beginning. Their vast selection of Mexican cuisine is unmatched in its’ variety. You can enjoy anything from tostadas to tortas, not to mention their three types of Mexican cheeses. They can provide you with an extensively innovative kids menu, sure to pleasure even the pickiest of eaters. Chronic Tacos also offers a wide variety of Mexican bottled beer, and locally micro-brewed beer on tap.

Chronic Tacos in Phoenix is dedicated to providing you with the fastest, freshest, and kindest Mexican food experience around. Come in, and check it out for yourselves today.

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