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National news about the legalization of marijuana

Corona and Cannabis

Corona and Cannabis…. I think a lot of us have already been doing this in Arizona for a while. Constellation Brands is burning through $4 billion to help its stake in cannabis organization Canopy Growth. Constellation...

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710 Chroinicle August 2018

If you have not had the chance to grab a hard copy of the 710 Chronicle form a local dispensary you can now view it, and screen shot the coupons to take into your favorite dispensary, doctor, or smoke shop. Follow us on Issuu the...

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Medicine For The People a New Non-Profit to help

Medicine for the People is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit based in Mesa, Arizona and was created to advocate for and educate on alternatives and enhancements to pharmaceutical solutions to maintaining homeostasis in the body. They work...

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Let Your Representative know your vote!

This came to us from LEAP. Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer suggested that a crackdown on adult use of marijuana is coming. In what appears to be an ominous warning to the recreational marijuana industry, Spicer...

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Hey DEA, Stop Lying!!

Hey DEA, Stop Lying!! The 710 Chronicle receives emails and correspondence from many legalization advocates. Our friends over at ASA are now bringing us a petition to force the DEA to stop lying about Cannabis, reefer madness...

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