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Progress on Hemp Laws in AZ

Progress on Hemp Laws in AZ Over 80 people, including the 710 Chronicle, gathered at the Arizona State Land Department Auditorium in Phoenix, AZ on December 7th, 2018 for a meeting to discuss the legalization of hemp. Hemp...

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Errl Stock 2018

Errl Stock 2018 By: Liz Venable Errl Stock was held in Camp Verde. It was a follow up to the Errl Cup events. It was a gathering of people who were all medical marijuana patients, who were able to take in nature while sampling...

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Have you been to a DOMM Life event yet?

Have you been to a DOMM Life event yet? By: Liz Venable DOMMLife is a boutique, spa and cafe, with a wellness and beauty focus. However DOMMLife also stands for Delivery of Medical Marijuana Life, and they advertise delivery to...

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Yoga at Midtown Roots Dispensary 

Yoga at Midtown Roots Dispensary By: Liz Venable Arriving at Midtown Roots for yoga, I found a large group getting ready, mats in tow. Candles, lanterns and a trippy underworld cactus painting set the mood. Tibetan Buddhist monk...

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