Cannabis Cocktails Happy Hour Just Got Happier!

Cannabis Cocktails Happy Hour Just Got Happier!

Cannabis Cocktails Happy Hour Just Got Happier!
By: Nikki Foxx of Gourmedd

This month we are going to combine the best of two worlds, and create gourmet hand crafted cannabis cocktails.

As with food, building a craft gourmet cocktail is art! The simple nuances of the ingredients and notes of flavor mix and meld together to create a whole new experience!

This is where we get to experiment a ton with terpenes, as they are present in cannabis, most mixers, and even most liquors!

Today we are going to make a refreshing light cocktail perfect for the summer heat!

The base for this cocktail is gin. Gin is made from juniper berries which contain over 60 terpenes!!! Some of the most potent terpenes that juniper contains which are also found in cannabis are myrcene, beta caryophyllene, limonene, and beta pinene.

Myrcene is an Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic , an Antibiotic and a sedative. Beta caryophyllene can be used to treat several inflammatory disorders, including arthritis and multiple sclerosis, and has been shown to fight cancer, reduce anxiety and depression, and has even been found to be gastroprotective — meaning it can be used to treat ulcers. Limonene is used to promote weight loss, prevent cancer, treat cancer, and treat bronchitis. Pinene’s known effects and benefits include acting as an anti-inflammatory, helping to improve air flow to the lungs , helps counter short-term memory loss associated with THC and promotes alertness.

So basically one of the terpenes in gin helps combat any side effect of cannabis!

So let’s make a drink that accentuates the pinenes effect. We can combat the effects THC has on the brain and keep us alert, as well, because the alcohol will slow is down.

We’ll make this drink with a sweet honey tincture made from a strain prevalent in pinene!

So we can use terpenes to counteract the depressive effects of the gin, and terpenes in the gin counteract the negative side effects of cannabis!

Best of both worlds!

Let’s have a drink!

For this recipe you’ll need the following-

2 oz watermelon juice
2 oz gin

1 oz ginger liqueur

2 TBSP lime juice

2 TBSP Glycerin tincture

2 strawberries, muddled

After muddling the strawberries combine all ingredients in a shaker glass with ice. You can get watermelon juice by blending a few chunks of watermelon together and straining the juice into a cocktail shaker.

Strain or serve over ice. Garnish with strawberries and mint! This cocktail is light, refreshing and slightly sweet! It’s perfect for a hot, summer happy hour with all your friends!

There’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind while imbibing cannabis cocktails.

First, even though the cannabis and the Gin meld so well together and create an uplifting and relaxed state, you still want to operate with caution. Remember, you’re dosing your body with two different things that change your state. Understand these cocktails are for sipping and enjoying slow, because drinking them too fast will turn to happy hour into a sad display! Respect your body’s tolerance and drink slowly!!!

Second, once you understand the science behind pairing terpenes, you can use this methodology to make mocktails as well. If you don’t want to make a gin cocktail, you could add some Juniper and get the same terpenes the gin offers. I encourage you to try new things and experiment on your own.

Lastly, you can medicate this drink with any kind of cannabis, it doesn’t have to be Tincture. You could allow your flower to sit in Gin for a few days so the terpenes And cannabinoids are extracted through the alcohol. You could take some wax and mix it with the alcohol to create a medicated drink, as well. You could even dissolve a medicated gummy or hard candy in the drink and enjoy it that way! No matter which way you enjoy this concoction, the crucial first step is to make sure that whatever you use has been Decarbed first. Since you won’t be smoking this, you will need to do something to activate the THC. For more information on the decarboxylation process, visit or call us to set up a class!

We’ll have another great recipe for you next month, and as always happy medicating!

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