Blue Dream WAM Rock – Strain Review

For this morning’s Wake and Bake review, I got to try another WAM Rock from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine, in El Mirage (WAM). This time it was Blue Dream and although I’ve smoked it before, I never had it soaked in hash oil and rolled twice in kief.


The smell of the bud was skunky with some pine undertones. We broke it up into smaller chunks and put it in our glass bowl from PM Twisted Glass. This WAM Rock hits pretty hard through a bowl and it tasted like hash. I’d recommend using a bong or bubbler for this stuff. The whole office was coughing up a lung. And then when I was done coughing, I was totally stoned. Minutes later, the whole office was in their zone and I only could hear typing.

I was liking this buzz. I tried to focus in on my pain and see if there was an improvement. Then I totally got sidetracked and I had no idea what I just did for the last ten minutes. What happened to my short-term memory? I was so stoned.

So, back to my pain – it seems to have numbed itself away. I’m definitely alert and awake, so I’m thinking sativa dominant. My mouth was dry and I was glad I had a Polar Pop by my side.

When I went to look up information about Blue Dream, I got sidetracked again. An hour after smoking this kief rolled, hash oil-soaked bud, I was still totally stoned. I decided to go outside and smoke a cigarette before I came back, committed to looking up Blue Dream strain information.

According to Wikileaf, “Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry (Indica) and Haze (Sativa), is a true hybrid.”

They also say “Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid known to be among the best-tasting strains…This strong medication envelopes users in a warm euphoric glow, fills them with energy and creativity, and helps them to feel happy, focussed, and relaxed.”

If I compared that to my experience with our Blue Dream WAM Rock, I’d agree with the energy, and the happy, focussed buzz.

Thanks again to WAM in El Mirage for the Blue Dream WAM Rock sample for the Wake and Bake review.

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