Blue Dream Crumble From Arizona Organix

arizona organix crumble

Blue Dream Crumble From Arizona Organix

I was given 3 jars, each with 1 gram of crumble to bring back to the office to review. Typically extracts do not carry a strong scent but the Blue Dream had a rich earthy resin along with a pungent gassy smell. I purchased a brand new nectar collector from AZ Rock Bottom Glass to make sure I had a fresh dab rig for the full flavor. I heated the nectar collector all the way until it was red hot and took a low temperature hit as the redness started to cool. This time I was rewarded with the taste and scent of the earthy resin and pungent gassy smell when it was smoked.

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All in all it took me 6 days to smoke 3 grams. This is definitely an A level product. When run it through a Yocan vape pen it doesn’t leave a black resin and you also get a full burn. This is when you know it’s a pure product.

I personally walked through Arizona Organix and can say that they have the state of the art concentrate processing facility. If you are looking for consistency and quality, Arizona Organix is definitely the best manufacturer of concentrates in Glendale. Check out their latest product SAP online at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Blue Dream Crumble From Arizona Organix

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