AZ Dispensary Application Flood

With 31 medical marijuana dispensary permits up for grabs, 750 applications were submitted making Arizona the nation’s most eager state with the largest ratio of applications to licenses. So why are so many people applying for the newest wave of medical dispensary permits? In all likeliness, Proposition 205 has a lot to do with it because if Arizonians vote to legalize recreational marijuana in this November’s election, the medical marijuana dispensaries will be the first to be considered for the ever coveted recreational marijuana dispensary licenses that will become available. Arizona dispensaries estimate marijuana sales of between $200-$250 million dollars this year alone, which is also a pretty good motivation. The state of Arizona has dictated 31 Community Health Analysis Areas where dispensaries can be located, with areas like Mesa, Tempe and Gilbert already at capacity and thus not allowing more dispensaries to open. Time will only tell who will receive the licenses!

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