Arizona Green Life – Winner of the 710 Chronicle Best of Arizona Award

Steve Sharp is the owner of Arizona Green Life – a medical marijuana certification center with offices in North Phoenix and Mesa.

When Arizona passed the medical marijuana proposition and certifications became available, Steve signed up right away. He had a hard time initially finding someone who could provide the certification, and submitting the records was difficult. “The people running the marijuana industry as it started up, weren’t doing a good job,” Steve said.  He saw an opportunity to fill a need and help patients get their certifications in a better way.

Steve reached out to Dr. Mohr, who was forced into retirement, but still had his license to practice. The two hit it off and decided to go into business together. They were one of the first 10 clinics to open in Arizona, in April 2011.

Six years later, Steve’s offices employ naturopaths and chiropractors in two locations. Both can provide exams for people who don’t have records. They offer certifications for people who already have medical records, physicals for those suffering from chronic pain issues and chiropractic adjustments in North Phoenix office. They plan to expand into acupuncture, massage therapy, IV therapy and other services soon, as well as open a third clinic in the West Valley this summer.  

When I asked Steve what made Arizona Green Life the popular vote among all the other doctor offices, he said, “In any business, customer service is number one and we might be the cheapest clinic out there, but we also pride ourselves on our customer service.” With a 70 – 80% revisit rate and high Google and Yelp! ratings, it’s clear that they put their patients first. 

Check out Arizona Green Life at 11829 N 19th Ave, Phoenix or 1616 E Main St, Mesa. You can book appointments online at

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