Arizona Drug Dealer Insys Therapeutices donates against prop 205

The Chandler pharmaceutical drug firm Insys Therapeutiecs, best known for it’s opiate-based medication Fentanyl that is one the rise in America. The Dangerous drug is on the rise in the United States accounting for the majority of heroin based deaths in New Hampshire. Twenty-eight of those victims overdosed on heroin alone; fentanyl was a factor in 253 of the deaths. Billions have been made selling Subsys,their opiate-based best seller. They expect to launch a “pharmaceutical” variant of THC but before they do the are making donations to Prohibition in Arizona.

Yet, before they release the new drug they intend on stopping any form of legalization on the ballot in Arizona. Insys Therapeutices made a $500,000 donation to the prohibitionist group Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. This is an all-star cast of of prohibitionists looking to convince voters to vote no on prop 205. The narrative is always the same, they are talking about the children, yet they don’t have a problem allowing people to take the most addictive substance on the planet. So many fraud lawsuits have been filed against the company in broadly marketing it’s products on every late night channel. When the prohibitionists take money form the same people that got approved to sell opiates to children and are attacking cannabis is madness.

Cannabis is looked at a mockery to most groups due to how pharma looks at it and this is just another example of drug companies trying to mold the local public. This is the world we live in folks, one where beer and drug companies can make sizable donations to get in the name of prohibition and profits. Last time we checked both Cannabis and Opium are schedule one substances marked as dangerous.  Yet we see companies all around the country and right here in our back yard acting as government sanctioned drug dispensaries feeding the masses with their substances. The companies are regulated to the max and their dangerous drugs still fall thought the cracks. “Prop 205 fails to protect the safety of Arizona’s citizens, and particularly its children. Our stance is consistent with our company’s goals. We strive to develop pharmaceutical products for the supportive care of patients while taking patient safety very seriously. To that end, we believe that all available medicines should meet the clinical standards set by the FDA.” according to a statement made by Insys. They keep the stance that they are protecting voters in Arizona while being under investigation in Arizona for death’s related to their products.

On the other side of things J.P Holyoak of CRMLA say that prohibitionists can no long claim support “responsible drug policy” after taking money from insys. On top of that “Syndros”, their oral version of dronabinol is set be used in the same fashion that one would normally use regular cannabis for.

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CEO Michael Babich

Source: Fentanyl
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