3 Tons of Marijuana Confiscated By Thai Police

Thai Police

Thai police released a statement on Monday, announcing the arrest of two men for attempting to smuggle 6,940 pounds of marijuana from Thailand to Australia. The warehouse that held the marijuana was roughly 40 miles from Bangkok and was believed to be used as a drug smuggling operation for 9 years. The men arrested were a 44 year old Thai man and a 64 year old Taiwanese man and they now face imprisonment of between 2-15 years and a fine of around $43,000. Thai law classifies the possession of more than 22 pounds of marijuana as the intent to sell and punishes lawbreakers accordingly. According to Thai police, the marijuana, which was packaged as rubber gloves, was worth an estimated $8.8 million dollars and was the biggest confiscation of marijuana in Thailand since 2014.

Source: http://www.chiangraitimes.com/over-3000-kilos-of-marijuana-bound-for-australia-seized-in-chon-buri-thailand.html

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