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1.04 TERPENE TRIPPPLE THREAT By: Joe Adair THC is a crappy drug all by itself; that’s why there’s no Marinol (synthetic THC) black market. Cannabis has 600+ goodies inside, including yummy, yummy terpenes. The three most...

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SPECIAL: Why You Should Be Pissed

SPECIAL: Why You Should Be Pissed By: Joe Adair     Every time this issue comes up in my work I get enraged. You probably know the US Government says cannabis is a Schedule I drug, meaning it has no medical application...

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WHY AM I HIGH AF RIGHT NOW? How to Get High getting the most from cannabis By: Joe Adair   Last week we told you to pay attention to your body, your mind and your weed, and this week we introduce you to what gets you high:...

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Finally! Healthy meals in the Cannabis Space

Finally! Healthy meals in the Cannabis Space. The Mint Dispensary is re-upping their “edibles” game by creating the nation’s first full-service cannabis kitchen in Tempe Arizona this October. People are tired of...

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Corona and Cannabis

Corona and Cannabis…. I think a lot of us have already been doing this in Arizona for a while. Constellation Brands is burning through $4 billion to help its stake in cannabis organization Canopy Growth. Constellation...

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